Richard Windrow was the progenetor of the Windrow Family in Tennessee. He was born in Lousia County, Virginia about 1740. It has not been proven as to where the family originated, but from MY FINDINGS Vol. I by Lillian Vesta Brown Johnson there was a letter written containing the following: "Richard Windrow's father was a sailor from Wales who had been captured by the pirates and made to work for them for a long time. After his escape or release, he received an inheritance from relatives in Wales but his fear and memories of his years as slave to the pirates..." Unfortunately the rest of the lettter had been lost.

Marriage Records

The earliest proven record of our Windrow Family is found in THE DOUGLAS REGISTER. We find the following information on a birth on page 122: WINDROW, Rich. & Millender Antony 17 Oct. 1781. Therefore Richard and Millender were probably married about a year earlier. Richard died in 1806 in Williamson Co. Tennessee.

Richard Windrow's Will
The Will of Richard Windrow is found in Williamson co. TN Will Book I p. 24.
In the name of God Amen, I Richard Windrow of Williamson County in the State of Tennessee being in health of body but considering the shortness of life and my advanced age do make this my last will and testament revoking all other that is to say first I commend my soul to Almighty god who gave it in sure and certain hope of a blessed resurrection from the dead unto eternal life, through our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, & my body to be decently buried at the discretion of my Surviving friends, and with respect to my Worldly good with which it hath pleased God to bless me with, I dispose of in the following manner, to wit, first my will & desire is that all myjsut debts be paid & then I give to my daughter Elizabeth Windrow one feather bed & furniture to her and her heirs forever, Then I give to my daughter Sally Windrow one feather bed & furniture to her & her heirs forever, Then I give to my daughter Millender Windrow one feather bed and furniture to her & her heirs forever. Item my will & desire is that my two sons John and Henry Windrow have and enjoy my lands equally, but that being an over proportion of my estate, I give to each of my daughers to wit Jane Seay, Elizabeth Windrow, Nancy Brown, Sally Windrow & Millender Windrow twenty Dollars to be paid jointly by my two sons John & Henary Windrow & then on condition that they, that is to say John Windrow pays fifty Dollars to his five sisters to be equally divided & Henry Windrow pays fifty Dollars to his five sisters to be equally divided, then i give devise & bequeath to my son John Windrow one hundred and sixty acres of land joining his and the land he sold to Boswell the same to himself his heirs forever --- as also I give devise & bequeath to my son Henry Windrow one hundred & sixty acres of land including the plantation whereon I now lived the same to him & his heirs forever. Item My will and desire is that my well beloved wife Millender Windrow have the use of my land and plantation whereon I now live with all my household and kitchen furniture not otherways disposed of my Cart & gears, Grindstone & plantation tools, one mare & colt her choice with all my Stock of Cattle & Hogs & Corn during her natural life or widowhood and at her marriage or death my will & desire is that all my estate left to the use of my wife be equally divided betwixt all my daughters to wit Jane, Betsy, nancy, Sally & Millender as also one mare & colt or filly to them and their heirs forever. Finally I constitute & appoint my sons John Windrow & John Seay Executors of this my last will & testament in witness therof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal this 21st day of November 1805. Signed, Sealed & declared in presence of G. Hill, A. Maury duly affiremed, William Hill.

Richard Windrow {Seal}

The foregoing recited will & testament was duly proven n open court July Session 1806 by the oath of Green Hill & John McMaury, Duly affirmed to be the act and deed of Richard Windrow for the use & purpose therin experessed and that same was ordered to be recorded.

State of Tennessee, Williamson Co.

A just and true inventory of the Estate of Richard Windrow as far as hath come to the knowledge of the Executor to wit two mares, two yearling colts, sixteen head of cattle, eight sows and pigs, thirty nine dry hogs, two kettles, two pots, one dutch over, & a spider, four weeding hoes, three grubbing hoes, two plows, two sets of plow harness, one Grindstone, two axes, Iron wedges, one cart, one loom, four feather beds & furniture, one Table, two Trunks, eight chairs, six pewter basons, Eleven pewter plates, four spoons, one set of knives & forks, six Earthen plates, three spinning wheels, one cut Reel, two coffee pots, one set cups & saucers, three pair of pot hooks, five water vessels, two butter pots, four pewter Dishes, one pari fire tongs, one mans saddle, one Womans saddle, one Rifle Gun, and one Shot Gun, one Small Trunk. Signed John Windrow

Children Mentioned in the Will

Elizabeth Windrow, Sally Windrow, Millender Windrow, John Windrow, Henry Windrow, Jane Seay, and Nancy Brown.

He also mentioned his Beloved Wife Millender Windrow.

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